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WWE SmackDown Episode 1491

Unforgettable Action: WWE SmackDown Episode 1491 Recap

WWE SmackDown Episode 1491 recently aired, offering an exhilarating night of wrestling entertainment. For professional wrestling and WWE fans, this episode was a must-see. Featuring dramatic entrances and intense rivalries, SmackDown 1491 truly delivered.

Opening Segment: Setting the Stage

Roman Reigns Asserts Dominance

The episode began with a high-energy opening segment that set the tone for the entire night. As the WWE Universe filled the arena, the anticipation was palpable. Roman Reigns, accompanied by Paul Heyman and The Usos, made his way to the ring. With his usual air of authority, Reigns addressed the WWE Universe, reinforcing his position as the undisputed leader of WWE. His message was clear: no one could challenge his reign.

First Match: Tag Team Championship Showdown

The Usos vs. The Mysterios

The first match of WWE SmackDown Episode 1491 featured a highly anticipated Tag Team Championship showdown between The Usos and The Mysterios. Both teams have a storied history, and their rivalry has captivated fans for months.

Match Highlights

The action was fast-paced and intense, with both teams showcasing their incredible athleticism and teamwork. The Usos, known for their high-flying moves and hard-hitting style, took control early on. However, Rey and Dominik Mysterio fought back valiantly, demonstrating why they are one of the most beloved teams in WWE.


In a thrilling conclusion, The Usos managed to retain their titles, thanks to a combination of cunning tactics and sheer determination. The victory solidified their status as the premier tag team in WWE, but the Mysterios earned the respect of everyone in attendance for their spirited performance.

Backstage Drama: Building Tension

Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair Face-Off

Backstage, tensions were running high as Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair had a heated confrontation. The Boss and The EST of WWE have a long-standing rivalry, and their interactions are always must-see TV.

Hinting at a Rematch

The confrontation hinted at a potential rematch between the two superstars, possibly at the upcoming SummerSlam event. Fans were left buzzing with excitement, eager to see what would happen next in this intense feud.

Second Match: Intercontinental Championship Clash

Apollo Crews vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

The second match of the night featured an Intercontinental Championship clash between Apollo Crews and Shinsuke Nakamura. Both superstars are known for their incredible in-ring abilities, and this match was a showcase of their talents.

Match Highlights

The match was a back-and-forth affair, with both Crews and Nakamura trading blows and counters. Crews used his power and agility to dominate early on, but Nakamura’s striking prowess and technical skills kept him in the fight.


In a surprising turn of events, Shinsuke Nakamura emerged victorious, capturing the Intercontinental Championship. The crowd erupted in cheers as Nakamura celebrated his hard-earned victory, signaling a new era for the prestigious title.

Women’s Division: Rising Stars

Liv Morgan vs. Carmella

The women’s division took center stage next, with a match between Liv Morgan and Carmella. Both competitors are looking to make a name for themselves and climb the ranks in WWE.

Match Highlights

Liv Morgan, with her tenacity and resilience, took the fight to Carmella from the opening bell. Carmella, known for her cunning and in-ring savvy, tried to outsmart Morgan at every turn.


In a hard-fought battle, Liv Morgan secured a decisive victory, showcasing her potential as a future contender for the Women’s Championship. Carmella, despite her loss, put up a valiant effort and proved why she is a formidable opponent in the division.

Main Event: Edge vs. Seth Rollins

Grudge Match

The main event of WWE SmackDown Episode 1491 was a grudge match between Edge and Seth Rollins. This rivalry has been building for weeks, with both superstars exchanging barbs and attacks.

Match Highlights

The match was a brutal and hard-hitting affair, with both Edge and Rollins pulling out all the stops. Edge, the seasoned veteran, used his experience and ring awareness to keep Rollins off balance. Rollins, with his relentless aggression and technical prowess, fought back with everything he had.


In a dramatic conclusion, Edge managed to secure the victory, much to the delight of the WWE Universe. The win was a significant moment for Edge, proving that he still has what it takes to compete at the highest level.

Post-Match Fallout

Rollins’ Frustration

Seth Rollins was visibly frustrated after the match, hinting that this feud is far from over. His reaction suggested that he would stop at nothing to get revenge on Edge, setting the stage for future confrontations.

Edge’s Celebration

Edge celebrated his hard-fought victory with the fans, basking in the adulation of the WWE Universe. His triumphant return to the ring has been one of the most heartwarming stories in recent WWE history, and this win was a testament to his resilience and determination.

Analysis and Takeaways

Impact on Storylines

WWE SmackDown Episode 1491 had a significant impact on ongoing storylines, setting the stage for future matches and rivalries. The episode provided fans with plenty of drama and excitement, ensuring that the road to SummerSlam would be filled with must-see moments.

Standout Performances

Several superstars delivered standout performances in this episode. From Roman Reigns’ commanding presence to Shinsuke Nakamura’s championship win, the night was filled with memorable moments.

Fan Reactions

The WWE Universe reacted positively to the episode, with many praising the quality of matches and the development of storylines. Social media was abuzz with discussions about the night’s events, highlighting the passionate and engaged fan base of WWE.


WWE SmackDown Episode 1491 was a night to remember, offering fans a perfect blend of drama, excitement, and top-notch wrestling. From the opening segment to the main event, the episode delivered on all fronts, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the next installment. As WWE continues to build towards SummerSlam, episodes like this remind us why we love professional wrestling.


What happened in WWE SmackDown Episode 1491?

WWE SmackDown Episode 1491 featured a variety of matches and segments, including a Tag Team Championship showdown, an Intercontinental Championship clash, and a grudge match between Edge and Seth Rollins.

Who won the Tag Team Championship match on SmackDown Episode 1491?

The Usos retained their Tag Team Championship against The Mysterios in a thrilling match.

Who became the new Intercontinental Champion in SmackDown Episode 1491?

Shinsuke Nakamura captured the Intercontinental Championship by defeating Apollo Crews.

What were the highlights of the Edge vs. Seth Rollins match?

The match was a brutal and hard-hitting affair, with Edge ultimately securing the victory. The match was notable for its intensity and the personal rivalry between the two superstars.

What were the standout moments of WWE SmackDown Episode 1491?

Standout moments included Roman Reigns’ opening segment, Shinsuke Nakamura’s championship win, Liv Morgan’s victory in the women’s division, and the main event grudge match between Edge and Seth Rollins.

How did fans react to WWE SmackDown Episode 1491?

Fans reacted positively to the episode, praising the quality of matches and the development of storylines. Social media was filled with discussions and excitement about the night’s events.

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