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Costis Seafood

Try Seafood at Costis Seafood, Eastern Creek Quarter Shopping Centre in Sydney

Always craving for a delicious seafood spread but not sure where you can get one of the best in town? Look no further than Costis Seafood, a hidden gem in Western Sydney. This family-run restaurant has been serving up their catch for more than 40 years, and it shows in every lovingly prepared dish of superior seafood. If Costis can lure you in with their irresistible menu and amiable vibes, then you’re either a sucker for seafood or laying the foundations of becoming just that.

A Legacy of Fresh Flavours: The Costis Seafood Story

Enter Costis Seafood and you will enter what is effectively a family tradition that is several generations deep and not just your run of the mill restaurant. First of all, with more than 45 years in the industry, the expertise of the Costis family is evident in every facet of their business. First Impressions: You are immediately greeted by the fragrance of grilling fish – and the warmth smiles from the staff, proof its mission to impress starts as soon as you step inside!

Unlike other seafood restaurants, Costis insists on preparing the freshest meals. The Costis team then choses only the best of the morning’s catch from the Sydney Fish Market every day to deliver only the finest catches straight to your plate. Their commitment to quality has made them a favourite of seafood lovers, and their repeat customers are some of the most loyal around.

From Ocean to Plate: Exploring Costis Seafood’s Menu

Service at Costis Seafood For me, one of the best things about Costis are the choices. From a vast menu, they have you covered for every taste and preference at the sea that displays!

Ideal for the no-nonsense customer, their simple grilled fish fillets are always a winner. Choose from Snapper, Salmon or Barramundi lightly seasoned to enhance their natural flavours yet deliciously flaky cooked to perfection. Serve it on a platter that has room for the juices, and serve it with good bread, chips and salad to balance out such a rich, fulfilling meal.

Beyond the Sea: Options for Land Lovers

One of the most satisfying options is their grilled chicken breast, perfectly seasoned with a mixture of herbs and spices that enhances that smoky char from the grill. The juicy patty underneath all the standard toppings is a fill-you-up option that will keep those with an appetite more satisfied.


To complete the mix, in addition to the meals, Costis provides an experience that satisfies the body as well as the soul, with their dedication to sustainability and freshness alongside community involvement. That means why not gather some of your loved ones and come to Costis at Eastern Creek Quarter shopping centre in Sydney to get your taste buds excited with their delicious seafood!!! Your taste buds and the earth will love you!

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