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Is It Ok To Spray Water On Your Air Conditioner?

Yes, it is ok to spray water on our air conditioner. In point of fact, one strategy that, when combined with a regular and preventative maintenance schedule, can help keep your cooling unit operating at a higher level of efficiency is to spray it with water in order to remove dirt and other debris.

You might be concerned about pouring water on the cooling system when it is time to maintain it, especially the outdoor unit. After all, it’s something we’ve all known since we were kids: electricity and water don’t mix.

Is there a special way to clean the outside condenser unit?

The plus side is that if your air conditioner requires cleaning, you can simply spray water on it and absolutely nothing will go wrong. Spraying water on the condenser of your air conditioner might also improve its performance. In fact, keeping your condenser in good working order requires routine spraying. Something you wouldn’t anticipate from an electrical appliance!

You may rest assured that any problems you have with your air conditioner after cleaning or spritzing it are merely coincidental. However, www.airconservicing.org is always available should the need arise to have a technician provide assistance.

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